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Providing Entertainment with Wedding Photo Booths

Wedding photo booths add a fun, whimsical touch to your Big Day. If you’re looking to embrace some modern flair at your wedding reception, you might consider this relatively new trend. Wedding photo booths combine a unique activity with a keepsake favor, and they’re always a major hit with guests.

Why Guests Love Wedding Photo Booths

Guests love weddings that include photo booths for several reasons. First, wedding photo booths provide a much-appreciated source of alternate entertainment than dancing during the reception. While plenty of people love to be out on the dance floor, we all know that dancing isn’t for everyone. Non-dancers will enjoy having something tangible to do other than sit at their tables making awkward conversation and, of course, even those dance-lovers eventually need a break!

Wedding photo booths are also a great way for your guests to break the ice with each other. Often, many wedding guests have never met before or haven’t seen each other for a while. Having a hands-on, group activity available will encourage people to get up and interact with each other. This can be enjoyable in unexpected ways. It is also one of those rare things in life that is both fun and appropriate for all ages.

Depending on the tone of your wedding reception, you can opt to keep things simple and classy with basic, draped backgrounds, or glamorous by providing glitzy, glittery surroundings, or even comical by choosing custom themes and including costumes and props — such as oversized plastic glasses, exaggerated top hats, an assortment of wigs, and fake mustaches. Wedding photo booth stick props, like chalkboard speech bubbles guests can write on, or wedding-themed signs like “Team Bride”, are especially trendy. There are many varieties of stick props available, including themed sets: wedding ones (of course!) that include items like cardboard champagne glasses and giant diamond rings, or other types that include hats, crazy facial hair, giant hair, goofy sayings, and more. Ornate frames are also a popular choice. No matter what items you go with to enhance your photo booth, there’s nothing quite like putting on silly costumes, experimenting with goofy props, and taking outrageous group photos to make people laugh and create a unique opportunity for memorable, bonding experiences.

Beyond all of that, wedding photo booths can also provide fantastic photo mementos for guests, which double as great wedding favors. Different photo booths offer different options — from black and white photo strips over full-color single prints to digital copies. Some photo booths allow guests to enhance their photos with emojis, digital frames, and personalized messages. Others can put together slideshow presentations, allow your guests to record video messages for the happy couple, or message digital photos to guests via email or text right there on the spot. And, of course, you’ll receive this whole second set of informal photos, taken by your guests, to complement the professional ones taken by the wedding photographer.

Types of Wedding Photo Booths

There are several types of wedding photo booths to choose from, so be sure to do your research before booking a wedding photo booth company for your reception. Some of the options out there include old-school photo booths like you’d find at an arcade or mall, green screen options like they use to create far-away movie or TV scenes, GIF-makers that create short, stop-action style videos, and slow-motion photo booths that use this technique to hilariously detail the smiles and expressions of your wedding guests.

Boothless photo stations are yet another option. To set one up, simply create a custom wedding hashtag, ask your guests to tag all of their event photos with it throughout the day, and provide a printer station at the reception. With this method, your entire wedding venue becomes the wedding photo booth. Remember to let your guests know they can pick up their copies on the way out!

Whatever type you go with, there’s really no easier way to provide your guests with a more entertaining, bonding, and memorable experience than a wedding photo booth. You certainly won’t regret this fun-filled upgrade to your reception.

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